ARTICLE: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

8 min readSep 26, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide To Write A Compelling Article

In this digital world, everybody wants to create their own online presence

But is creating online presence so easy?

How can we build our online presence in minds of customers?

The first step is to select niche & start putting your thoughts into words in form of structured ARTICLE

But what is an article & how do you write a good article?

How to create a structured article?

Wouldn’t it be great if every single person who clicked on one of your articles read it from start to finish, unable to pull their eyes away from the screen? (Taken from

Writers have lot of ideas but when it comes to putting down thoughts on paper, they forget to script it in a structured manner. Each information of article should be well connected with each other so that reader can get flow of article from head to toe (headline to conclusion)

This piece of content will make your life easier & you will start writing article like a pro which will be beneficial for you in long run. This is complete guide/starter pack for those who love writing & likes to experiment with their own thought process and present it to the larger audience

“Start Writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on” — By Louis L’ Amour

Thoughts are like endless ocean but to record your thoughts, you always look for a book or diary right?

Same way ARTICLE is long piece of writing to put down thoughts & ideas (just like an essay writing) which is a published version & it is visible to all online users who is having an internet connection & a laptop/desktop. Article should be scripted in simpler language with relevant content which keeps the reader active on your page till the end.

And relevancy in article only comes with practice. To write a good article, here are few steps which you need to follow

· Select Your Niche

·Select Your Topic

· Do Extensive Research

· Keep word choice simpler

· Add quotes & relevant research links (Citation/Author name required if any)

· Add images & embed video links (Attribution link — Taken from which source if any)

· Try writing in bullet point to look crisp & clear

· Make it To The Point

· Read & Revise (if needed)

But along with good article, it is also important to keep in mind one more aspect that article should be written in structured manner to keep reader well connected from start to end

To get a better idea, read more articles

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Let‘s understand the format of an article


A headline is most vital part of an article which is highly ignored by some people as it consumes lot of time to think over it.

But don’t you forget! It acts like an icing on cake

The headline should be easy to understand & catchy enough which grabs the attention of reader and get that person interested in reading what follows the headline

Headlines can be in form of questions, begin with numbers, powerful words which drive traffic & punctuations

“Headlines are so great in a sense that they can take a little bit from an article completely out of context and blow it into something it’s not. Some people really only read headlines” — By Kristin Cavallari

Here is a blog on tricks to write catchy headlines……Works for You!

I would recommend try creating headlines on your own but if you are running short of ideas/words, take help of these creative tools which will make great impact on your article. Here are some of free tools which I have used and recommend others to take help of these

5 Tools Help You Creating Powerful Headlines

HOTH- Blog Topic Title Generator

To generate headline ideas, you need to fill up certain fields for the website to throw back with some best results related to your search.

- Find Relevant keyword

- Desired Outcome

- Problem

- Name of Industry

- Name of Target Audience

PORTENT — Idea Generator

This is my most favorite tool when it comes to generate catchy headlines for blogs. Just enter the relevant keyword in search box, basis of your search this tool will create some captivating titles one by one.

· If you want to see another headline, click on “See Another Title

· If you want to save any title and keep it as an option for later use, click on “Save My Idea

· You can also post your idea on twitter, click on “Tweet My Idea

· If do not find any titles relevant for your article, you always have an option to change keywords and start a new search, click on “Change My Subject

You can either click on View Tutorial or follow below screenshots given. Lets get started!

HUBSPOT — Blog Ideas Generator

This tool helps generate your title by noun search. You can take up to 5 suitable nouns and make your search wider. This website will show you card rack in two sections.

1st section will contain only 5 relevant title cards if you haven’t signed up. You can keep swiping it using right arrow icon.

2nd section will show a message tab “Unlock 250 more Blog Ideas”. Once you click on tab, they will ask to fill up Registration Form. Then you can either download spreadsheet OR keep swiping 250 cards (tedious task right!) OR you can view all card in a Grid; contains 28 pages where each page contains 9 cards

FATJOE — Blog Title Generator

This is a new tool which I have come across which also has some best headline ideas suitable for beginners

Enter topic or keyword and start generating titles. It will show max 10 headlines at the start but if you are not satisfied with the titles, you can click on tab “Generate 100 More Titles”, it will ask for your email id every time when you select new topic & select this option. Once you enter you email address, Fat Joe will send you .txt file on your email id which contains more 100 titles for your blog.

COSCHEDULE — Headline Analyzer

A most powerful tool which help you analyze headline score and on basis of those parameters, headline for your blog can be finalized. This tool contains 4 parameters of Word Balance

· Common

· Uncommon

· Emotions

· Power

Basis of each parameter’s percentage, you will to able to see average of headline score. It also helps you understanding Headline Type, Do Length Analysis, Searchable Keywords in Headline & Sentiments.

I would recommend to keep an analytical approach while using this tool. Take all these aspects and accordingly make a start if you want to promote you blog and drive more traffic


A start should be with strong opening statement and it should have one single message for audience which will automatically pull attention to move to the next sentence holding up the reader’s excitement till the end. Ask relevant questions to begin with which are already going on in people’s minds, give them overview of your article which will give them an idea “What’s in it for me”, problem statement of others which will help them to take lessons and avoid such mistakes and lastly the audience whom you want to target for your article and how they will get benefit after reading your article


And here comes the most descriptive part of an article where majority of the research and content are located. It is divided into several paragraphs and each paragraphs starts and ends with transition sentences that shows the relationship between paragraphs or sections. Between these paragraphs, provide research and citations which outline the support


Summarize about what you wrote. Leave the reader feeling satisfied that the questions posed in the introduction have been covered thoroughly. Also give reader next action steps to stimulate thoughts on reading more articles, also encourage them to leave a comment

By now you must have got clear picture that creating layout of an article is easy. So give a way to flow your ideas and just pen it down your thoughts in an appropriate manner which can become a valuable read for user and as a writer, you will get a satisfaction of creating a place in minds of your reader

Thanks for taking out your valuable time to go through my article. Want to see some exciting reads coming from your end. If you think that this piece of content has made your life easy, please leave a comment. Leave your feedback/suggestions which will help in improving the user experience!